The large acrylic pearls and shell are natural and they always shine softlye

Do you like wearing the pearl or gem necklace? Have you ever thought of making a necklace by your own hands? If you want to make a bead necklace or chain, you need to buy some jewelry beads. There are various types of beads on the market. They all look beautiful and particular. You can choose the type you like most.
1. The agate bead
It is said that agate can bring luck to people. It is a common semi-precious stone that has long been used as a gem and ornament. It is cheap but of high quality. You can buy it in any ornament stores.
2. The coral bead
Coral conjures up enthusiasm and passion. If you are a lady and if you wear the coral jewelry, you will look feminine and charming. The coral bead is available in various shapes and color. You can buy it with a moderate price.
3. The glass bead
The chunky beads is clear and transparent. Because it is produced with a special technique, it looks beautiful with bright color and exquisite tracery. It is cheap, so it is popular with those who are fond of wearing jewelry yet haven't much money to buy it. One of its advantages is it won't fade color forever. However, it may give others the feeling that it is inferior. If you can match it with your dressing well, it will look very fashionable.
4. The pearl and the shell bead
The large acrylic pearls and shell are natural and they always shine softly. The lady who wears the jewelry made of them will look quiet, graceful and gentle. You can make a chain by stringing them with some other types of beads, which will make the chain look livelier and more colorful.
5. The crystal bead
It is said that a natural crystal can make people luckier, so many people, regardless of men or women, like wearing crystal jewelry. There is one truth I want to tell you. That is the natural crystal bead always contains impurities and the synthetic crystal bead is shinier and more charming than the natural one.
6. The ceramic bead
The ceramic bead is beautiful with exquisite tracery. The jewelry made of it is favored by females.
7. The wooded bead
The wooden bead has two types. One type is the original color bead and the other is the dyed bubblegum necklace beads. The original color wooden bead is natural and plain while the dyed one looks vivid and beautiful.
8. The alloy bead
The alloy bead is as shiny as the silver chunky gumball beads, but it is cheaper. It is favored by many ladies because it is so cheap that they can buy or litter it easily without any regret.
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